Creating a High Performance Team

Most ‘teams’ do not operate as teams. They are really a collection of talented individuals that operate within the same organizational structure. For any team to reach it’s full potential and begin to operate as a high performance team, it must over come the 4 challenges of the High Performance Teamwork Model.


PRESENTER: Andrew Oxley


DATE: Tuesday, August 28th, 2018


TIME: 10:30 - 11:30 AM EST

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is exclusively intended for the leader that is looking to accelerate the business results that the team is capable of producing. You are not interested in the status quo, or in cliches that sound good but offer little in terms of direction or real impact.

In order for your Team to reach it's full potential, you need to:


Identify the obstacles that are blocking your progress


Deal with conflict constructively rather than avoiding it or allowing it to become destructive


What your biggest obstacle will be in creating a High Performance Team


Create an understanding of the group norms' that will drive positive team dynamics


How to create a Plan of Action to drive Peer Accountability


Who on your team will challenge you the most - and how to win them over!

“Andrew, without question, is the best facilitator of leadership training that I have ever encountered in my 20 year professional career. I would strongly recommend him to any organization looking to increase productivity or enhance the skill set of a team”

Chris Greene, Chief Claims Officer

Canal Insurance

Join Us on August 28th at 10:30 AM ET!

About Your HOST:

Andrew Oxley

Andrew has been coaching senior executives and assisting them in creating high performance teams for over 25 years. The Oxley Group provides leadership training for organizations across the nation which enables ordinary men and women to do extraordinary things by practicing some basic, tried and true leadership principles. 




Tap into the Power of Your High Performance Team!

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